Environmental Commitment

Our Environmental Commitment

Protecting What Matters Most

It's no secret that automotive maintenance and repair can be very harmful to the environment, using toxic chemicals that often produce even more noxious fumes and material waste.

At Pelletier's Powder Coating, we don't believe it has to be that way.

Pelletier's Powder Coating understands the responsibility we have to do everything in our power to make as little impact on the environment as possible. That's why we actively seek new and better ways to provide top quality products and services while minimizing harm to the environment. We are one of only a handful of facilities in Canada to work closely with the industry's top materials developers as a test bed, helping refine products and processes to improve environmentally-friendly products and reduce waste.

Responsible Abrasives Solutions

Pelletier's is the only shop in Northwestern Ontario to provide a full range of environmentally responsible Abrasive Blasting Services. We are one of the only facilities in Thunder Bay to provide soda blasting, using common baking soda to gently and responsibly clean any surface. For a more aggressive abrasive, we re-use crushed walnut shells as a blasting medium with no environmental impact. For the most demanding jobs, we are the only shop in Northwestern Ontario with a Cyclone blast cabinet, which reclaims and reuses the aluminum oxide 'sand', minimizing hazardous waste.

Pelletier's Powder Coating is proud to be Northwestern Ontario's leader in environmentally responsible automotive maintenance and repair solutions. It's what matters most.